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Yinchuan. ocated in central Ningxia plain, northwest China, is the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. 3 districts (Xingqing, Jinfeng and Xixia), 2 counties (Yongning and Helan) and 1 county level city-Lingwu city, are under the jurisdiction of Yinchuan. The urban area is 126.38 square kilometers in 2011. In 2009, all the counties and cities totally have jurisdiction over 23 street offices, 21 towns, 6 townships, 211 neighborhood committees and 271 villagers' committees. The city holds about 2.0257 million resident population in 2011, while the urban population is 1.5067 million and 519,000 the rural. Most people are hans, and the population of hui is about 481,700. Yinchuan has been called the Frontier Pearl since ancient times. Xixia Mausoleum, a very famous national scenic spot lies in the west of the city. There are also many buildings in Muslim style centered around the Drum Tower. South of the city have famous monuments like Chengtian Temple, a large mosque, etc.
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