FX Inn Chaoyang Park Beijing
FX Inn Chaoyang Park Beijing "On the bustling intersection of Yansha, CBD and Sanlitun is FX Inn Chaoyang Park Beijing, only five-minute walk to Beijing‘s best landscape park-Chaoyang Park. The hotel has a favorable location and easy access to some recreational areas, such as: Solana International Shopping Area and lucky street. And it is adjacent to Quarantine Bureau、Chaoyang Court, Embassy District and Phoenix International News Centre. The hotel has various room types and sufficient free parking spaces. And the exquisite lobby and visually stunning corridor will bring you a vision feast. The duplex structure guestrooms decorated with unique, trendy and modern designs, and furnished with color-changing background walls and best facilities show the perfect combination of art and fashion.FX Inn Chaoyang Park Beijing is an ideal place for business, tourism and vacation. Hotel telephone:86-10-51398615
Address:No.10 Liulitun,Chaoyang District, Beijing