Join FX Hotel Club

a.FX Members' benefit

FX Members' benefit

Service items e Members( Fashion Card) White Card Members Platinum Card Members Black Card Members
Price of the card Free RMB 38/card RMB 198/card RMB 498/card
*Preferential Room Rate 5 percent off 8 percent off 12 percent off 15 percent off
Basic Points for Room Rate 1:0.5 1:1 1:1.5 1:2
Reward points for online booking and phone booking 1:0.5 1:0.5 1:0.5 1:0.5
* Breakfast / / one At most two
* Reservation Retained Until 18:00 19:00 20:00 20:00
* Late check-out 13:00 13:00 14:00 15:00
open card gift integral 50 Points 200 Points 1000 Points 2000 Points
redeem free room 5000 Fashion Room
(10000 Boutique city view room of boutix hotel)
* Upgrade Membership card With 1000 points can be upgraded to white card With 2000 points and afford 160CNY can be upgraded to platinum card With 6000 points can be upgraded to black card
Dining Discount
Yammy café / 8 percent off 12 percent off 12 percent off

Other Member Activities:

  • Booking online can enjoy extra rewards.
  • Your points can be exchanged for various kinds of gifts.

Special Explanation:

The above membership privileges can be enjoyed only by our members themselves.

Booking As a Non-Registered Guest

Each member can book at most 3 rooms per time for other people. And the members will earm 0.5 times of the room rate as their points.

Service items White Card Members(Booking As a Non-Registered Guest) Platinum Card Members(Booking As a Non-Registered Guest) Black Card Members(Booking As a Non-Registered Guest)
Preferential Room Rate 8 percent off 12 percent off 15 percent off
Special offer for newly opened hotels Yes Yes Yes

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  • We promise you access to the high quality customer service, if you can guarantee the truism and validity of your name, valid ID,phone number and Email address that you gave us.
  • People at the age of 16 and upwards who never register for FX membership or membership card expired more than 6 months can apply for our membership.
  • To receive points in connection with a hotel stay, member must be a registered guest staying at any hotel managed, operated, franchised by FX Hotels Group.

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c.Period of validity

Since January 1st, 2012, once eligibility for membership in our member’s club is confirmed by FX Group, an applicant will be enrolled in our member’s club as an FX Member. And their membership card will effective immediately. Starting from the second year,the points will be cleared to zero, starting from the consumption date.

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d.Membership Requirements

  • Membership cards are not refundable or transferable.
  • Our members needn't pay annual fees. But if the membership cards are not used within the validity period ,we will regard it as a quitclaim.
  • FX Hotels Group may, without notice, discontinue FX membership for any member. If our members are not satisfied with our services they have the legal recourse, as follow :

    1)May no longer use our reservation service.

    2)Inform FX Hotels Group to block up the membership account. From then on, FX Hotels Group does not undertake any obligation to such member. But the member will be able to resume his/her membership, if he/she applied for it.

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e.Join the club

pay for membership

The channels \ Member level White Jaca Member Platinum Member
Stores 160 CNY 198 CNY

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f.Upgrade Membership

You can become our "e member( Fashion Card)" through free registration on our website.

With 1000 points can be upgraded to white card.

White card members upgrade to platinum card members

Upgrade \ channels Stores
Paid Upgrade 160 CNY
Upgrade points 2000 points

Platinum card members upgrade to black card members

Upgrade \ channels Stores
Upgrade points 6000 points

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