FX Hotel TianYi ZhongXiang
FX Hotel TianYi ZhongXiang FX Hotel TianYi ZhongXiang is located near the ZhongXiang passenger station. With the ZhongXiang railway station to the south and the beautiful Mochou Lake to the East, the hotel has a favourable location and easy access to transportation facilities. It features 62 guestrooms decorated with unique, trendy and modern designs, subdued with plenty of glass and diffused lighting which shows the perfect combination of art and fashion. Also, it has various luxury rooms and a Chinese dining room where 400 people can have dinner at the same time. With the considerate services and sufficient free parking spaces, FX Hotel TianYi ZhongXiang is an ideal place for business, tourism and vacation. Hotel telephone:--4335666
Address:AnLuFu East Road (opposite to Petro China Gas Station), ZhongXiang, Hubei, China.